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Here’s your chance to live your dreams. If you have a Digital startup, a prototype or a team who wants to innovate with Grameenphone digital, join us. Whiteboard has options to give you Free Workspace, Mentor sessions and opportunity to engage in various Grameenphone and its partner led Digital events to prepare yourself better.

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Whiteboard is situated on level 3 of GP house at Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka in conjunction with the GP digital services where various Digital products have evolved.

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7 Tips for Successful Digital Content & Media Channel Strategy

Scrolling, scrolling…interesting…… scrolling, 60 seconds later……Facebook homepage checking is finished for now!

No wonder these days the attention spans of human beings even lesser than a goldfish! This era is also can be identified as the age of information overload – in this digital age just on social media, an average user is bombarded with 285 messages a day.

The great challenge for digital marketers globally is to capture the attention span of this indecisive consumer by making their message stand out from the noise. It’s becoming a tough job lately!

The concept of how we communicate with our audience has changed now. Before we start planning an effective digital marketing strategy, we need to understand the different channels in digital marketing. Identifying what channels work best for our business and working on them will help to propel the business forward.

Hashmi Rafsanjani, Consultant, Google Bangladesh, shared the secrets of successful digital content and media channel strategy in a knowledge sharing session on 'Digital Content & Media Channel Strategy' at GPHOUSE on 17th August. Digital marketers, young professionals, marketing agencies & students joined the session to sharpen their knowledge. Hashmi Rafsanjani pointed 7 tips for successful Digital content and media channel strategy:


1. Video is inherently mobile:

The way of watching content has changed. People prefer the mobile device to watch their desirable contents. So it’s time to change the channel now. Instead of television now we have to select the mobile device as our number one digital platform to circulate digital content.

According to the statistics, 50% of teenagers use YouTube to discover new music. Because of the improvement of mobile internet, users watch more video content on the smartphone now. That’s why the digital contents have to be mobile friendly.


2. Behavior changes:

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Netflix, Television and so on…Undoubtedly now viewers have so many alternatives to select my best preference. That’s why; digital contents need to change accordingly. Constant behavior changes of the audiences make the job tougher to reach the target audience which indicates that the contents should be simpler and eye catching to grab the audience at a first glance.


3. Understanding the Challenge:

While catching the target group through digital channels, it’s obvious that we have to destroy the obstacles. Specially targeting youth is really challenging since most of the viewers are young & impatient. They have options to switch between many screens simultaneously. So the digital strategy should be more precise and effective for the target groups.


4. Understanding the Solutions:

There is a circle in terms of providing solutions. The connection between brands-creators-users is important. That’s why the sync and segmentation of branding and performance are needed to be perfect.


5. Crafting Effective Strategy:

What does the brand stand for? What does the audience care about? We need to find out these answers to crafting an effective strategy. Let’s have a look at the three distinct user behaviors on web content,

-People seeking for relevant content by searching on web.  

-People love to re-visit favorite creators or channel

-People want to discover inspiring new content

 To implement strategy effectively we need to select natural framework on ‘Help-Hub-Hero’;

The content under the category ‘Help’ entertains and inspires with emotional storytelling promoted through advertising. ‘Hub’ stands for making content for the interests of the audience. Creating great advertisements to build the brand included into the ‘Hero’ category.


6. Building Effective Creative for YouTube:

A,B,C,D of Building Effective Creative for YouTube-

  • Attraction: No matter the format, it’s crucial to capture the attention of the consumers early on. The attention of the target group can be grabbed by using few techniques such as: Using familiar faces, including thoughtful music, considering creative styles.   
  • Brand: How and when branding appears can impact the performance of brand lift metrics. That’s why, optimizing the brand objective is the key factor to look after. 
  • Connect: Connecting with the viewers through emotion and storytelling approach must be the first priority.
  • Direct: Be clear and direct on what you want people to do, whether that’s clicking out to your brand’s website, watching another video, or subscribing to your channel.


7. Planning For Objectives:

We have to select the brand objective regarding product presence and brand perception. In terms of planning for brand objective, we have to amplify hero, hub and help content.   


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