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Whiteboard is a community and platform that provides participating starts-ups, companies or individuals the opportunity to innovate, explore ideas, learn new stuff and collaborate with others.

The Whiteboard Program (‘Whiteboard’) is owned and operated by Grameenphone Ltd and is based at GP House, Bashundhara, Baridhara, Dhaka 1229.

Whiteboard is GP’s initiative to facilitate and develop digital eco-system of Bangladesh.
Yes, anything and everything in the tech, digital, internet, mobile arena.
Whiteboard is the space for anything and everything happening in digital or internet arena. The Whiteboard facilities are also used by various teams and projects of GP and Telenor, currently WowBox, Ki Dorkar, GP Music, GP Accelerator and etc.
Whiteboard is open to you and your idea. It does not matter at which stage of business you are in at the moment. If you’re in internet or digital business or have a great idea or an early-stage startup or a great team or company and you think you can benefit from what Whiteboard has to offer then sure, you should definitely join!
From time to time we may receive similar ideas or concepts from various applicants. If your particular idea or proposal beats others’ and is consistent with our mission and objective, we will be happy to explore whether or how we can collaborate together to convert or develop your idea or concept into a successful product or service. Before we start such exploration though, we will first discuss with you and settle the issues of intellectual property ownership of the end product, financials, commercial models, marketing plans and etc.

Whiteboard - The Platform

At present, Whiteboard offers the following three different segments:

(a) Co-Working Space
(b) Events
(c) Mentorship
Under the Co-Working Space segment, Whiteboard provides shared working space, support and guidance to selected participants for a mutually agreed period.

Unless agreed otherwise and subject to change, co-working space will be for provided to selected applicants as per the following:

- Co-working space: 6 days a week from 8 AM- 8 PM
- Standard workstation weekly/ monthly. (Max 4 person)
- Free Wi Fi at the Whiteboard co-working space
- Meeting room, whiteboards, printing and café facilities
At Whiteboard you have the opportunity to both join an upcoming event/ session as organized by GP or others And also to organize your own event/ session using event zones in GP House.

Under the Events segment, Whiteboard provides space and logistics to selected applicants for hosting events of their choice for up to 300 people. Unless agreed otherwise and subject to change, Whiteboard will provide the following to selected applicants for organizing their events:

- Event space in GPHouse for upto 300 people
- Audio system and projectors
- Free WiFi

From time to time Whiteboard also invites selected participants to attend events organized by Whiteboard or other Whiteboard participants.
Under the Mentorship segment, Whiteboard may provide mentorship to selected participants based on their need. Such mentorship may be provided by GP’s own employees or by third party services providers or consultants.

Interested individuals willing to act as Whiteboard mentors can also apply.

Application & Selection

To avail any of the above Whiteboard segments, first you need to make an application to Whiteboard free of cost for our evaluation.
For any of the Whiteboard segments you need to submit you application here. Once you submit your application along with necessary information, we will review and evaluate your application based on need, availability and objective to determine whether we would accept or reject your application or put your application in the waiting list.

In case we have decided to accept your application, we will notify you so and provide you with the Specific Terms and Conditions applicable to the segment you have applied for. Our final acceptance of your application will be subject to your acceptance of the Specific Terms and Conditions.

Since we may receive similar ideas and concepts from various applicants, we may decide not to proceed with your idea or concept if we are already working on, or have plans to work on, a similar idea or concept that we received from another applicant.

Due to the volume of applications that we receive, we may not be able to respond to each and every applicant. As such, although we will try to get back to you with our response after our evaluation of your application, we do not commit to respond to each and every applicant.


Application at Whiteboard is totally free and we will not ask for any fees or payments at the time of your application.

Unless agreed otherwise, no fees are charged for availing Co-Working space, organizing Events and for joining the mentor pool of Whiteboard. However, if you want to join any event or mentor session organized by other parties certain fees may be applied by such parties, which will be notified to you in advance.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time at the following:

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Waiting to hear from you. We do change and update these FAQs from time to time whenever needed. As such, please visit us here frequently to stay updated.