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8 Hacks that will Boost up your Facebook Marketing Tactics
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 30th January 2018

Undoubtedly, one of the key advantages of Facebook for businesses is that it enables you to interact with your customers. Facebook analytics helps your company formulate marketing strategies that address customer’s needs.

You need to learn some marketing hacks to accelerate your business through Facebook marketing. That’s why White-Board arranged an interactive training session on ‘Facebook Marketing Hacks for Business’ held on October 30th at GP House piloted by Mahadi Hasan Sagor, co-founder of Geeky Social, where More than 100 attendees joined to expand their Facebook marketing skills. The expert mentor pointed out how important role Facebook can play in Business growth, importance of lead generation, trendy marketing tools, Facebook targeting & data analysis.    

8 Hacks that can boost up your Facebook Marketing Tactics

  • Preserve your marketing campaigns alive to stay ‘Top-of-mind’ of the customers.
  • Rely more on Organic Facebook campaign as it is the best option of cost-effective marketing policy.   
  • Acquire potential customers through direct & indirect lead generation.
  • Analyze Facebook data to refine your marketing strategies.
  • Deliver key messages in real time to enhancement your Facebook marketing. 
  • E-commerce business founders should add ‘Shop Now’ option as this tool increases sales.
  • Go one step ahead with the advanced Facebook marketing tools like Canvas & Carousel advertisements.
  • Brand your own application & ratify it through Facebook.   

7 Tips for Successful Digital Content & Media Channel Strategy
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 10th September 2017

Scrolling, scrolling…interesting…… scrolling, 60 seconds later……Facebook homepage checking is finished for now!

No wonder these days the attention spans of human beings even lesser than a goldfish! This era is also can be identified as the age of information overload – in this digital age just on social media, an average user is bombarded with 285 messages a day.

The great challenge for digital marketers globally is to capture the attention span of this indecisive consumer by making their message stand out from the noise. It’s becoming a tough job lately!

The concept of how we communicate with our audience has changed now. Before we start planning an effective digital marketing strategy, we need to understand the different channels in digital marketing. Identifying what channels work best for our business and working on them will help to propel the business forward.

Hashmi Rafsanjani, Consultant, Google Bangladesh, shared the secrets of successful digital content and media channel strategy in a knowledge sharing session on 'Digital Content & Media Channel Strategy' at GPHOUSE on 17th August. Digital marketers, young professionals, marketing agencies & students joined the session to sharpen their knowledge. Hashmi Rafsanjani pointed 7 tips for successful Digital content and media channel strategy.

Slush GIA 2017 Bangladesh
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 13th August 2017

White-Board, an initiative of Grameenphone to enable digital ecosystem and innovation, and mLAB arranged the local competition of Slush for Bangladesh this year, in search of the best 3 startups for Slush GIA 2017.

Slush Global Impact Accelerator (GIA) is a program created in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and multiple other global partners. It is Europe’s leading startup and technology event, and it connects startups and tech talent with top-tier international investors, executives, and media.

The purpose is to support impact-driven startups and showcase the exciting business opportunities in emerging markets, which are also vital for implementing the Agenda 2030 and solving complex challenges. GIA 2017 brings impact-driven entrepreneurs from emerging markets to Helsinki to accelerate their business, attract additional financing, and build long-lasting networks.

Around many countries, Slush offers this Global accelerator program to the local startups through local competitions. Through this competition, the local startups get the opportunity to join the global accelerator program of Slush where they receive mentorship and a chance to meet a multitude of global investors.

This year in the local competition of Bangladesh was hosted by Grameenphone’s White-Board. About 113 startups participated in this competition with their business concept. The startups went through an initial screening on 29th July and 37 startups were selected for the pitching round. The pitching round took place on 5th August at White-Board, GPhouse where the 37 startups pitched their business concept in front of industry experts. After intense pitching and evaluation, the best 3 startups were selected.

The top Startups who were nominated for the Global Accelerator Program of Slush are ‘Surge Engineering’ (Portable Biogas Plant), ‘Bino’ (Virtual animation for education) & ‘Jolpi’ (IoT device to identify Gas Leakage).

The closing ceremony of the local competition took place on 8th August at ICT ministry of Bangladesh where the best 3 startups’ name was announced. The ‘Chief Guest’ of the program was Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology. Honorable minister has appreciated the young entrepreneurs of the country and encouraged them to work hard and scale up their business in the national and global arena. Besides him, the CEO of Grameenphone, Michael Foley was present there as the ‘Special Guest’. Michael shared insights on how Grameenphone is contributing to enable young enthusiasts of Bangladesh towards innovation. Besides them, Mahmud Hossain, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Syed Ashiqur Rahman, Head of Digital Services of Grameenphone Ltd. were present there. Syed Ashiqur Rahman shared how Grameenphone’s White-Board is enabling these startups through its activities and creating a common platform full of opportunities for them. Along with them, different government stakeholders and high officials from Grameenphone also joined this event to support the best startups from Bangladesh.

The top 3 startups will not only get the reward of being the part of the global accelerator program by Slush but also the sponsorship to go all the way to Helsinki, Finland to join Slush GIA.

Game Jam 2017
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 29th May 2017

A fast growing industry with estimated revenue in the international gaming industry of US $91.5 billion is a great opportunity for Bangladeshi developers and startups! White-Board for the first time in the Bangladesh history, took the step to dig out hidden talents amongst the gaming generation. With the introduction of the Game Jam 2017, the first ever Mobile Game Development Hackathon, a mission to find the next big mobile games from Bangladesh. A huge platform was offered to talented individuals to showcase their potential and excel in this field. Surprisingly this risk was rather a great success, as numerous thrilling games were found with unique techniques and ideas.

“Bangladesh never had an equal opportunity to catch up with the world or surpass them, but if you are smart in Bangladesh you will be huge in most other countries of the world. It does not matter where you come from, it only matters what you can create.” - Petter Borre Furberg (CEO, Grameenphone).

Starting off with over 250 teams; university students, creative agencies, game developers and mentors from all over the nation merged under the GP house and also at other venues. A number of informative sessions took place to let the game developers and interested coders all around Bangladesh be aware of this initiative by White-Board. The Boot Camp was held to train and polish the ideas of the participants and further enhance their games. The main objective of the 36 hours game jam was to discover the next big mobile game of Bangladesh.The White-Board team attended University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), North South University (NSU), Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), Northern University, BRAC University, and many more institutions to have an in-depth discussion on Game Jam, 2017. The White-Board team also arranged mentoring sessions with renowned creative agencies to help structure all candidates! Lastly, 25 teams reached the Boot Camp at White-Board where an introductory meeting was carried out followed by panel discussion, a chance for open networking and one-to-one question answer opportunity between the mentors and different teams were brought to action. For the very first time, GP house held a 36 hours straight Game Jam opening where all teams raced to develop their dream games in presence of mentors and special guests like Tahsan Rahman Khan. It was the most fun-filled and exciting Hackathon in the history of White-Board! White-Board became home to over 150 people with persistent coding sessions and refreshing live music breaks. The contestants even participated in a basketball match which was arranged to keep up their spirit!

Top 12 teams were selected after judging on the basis of game design, game story, concept, feasibility, readiness and team strength. On the Game Jam closing ceremony, the results turned out to be beyond expectations as the pool of talent was greater than presumed, White-Board and Grameenphone decided to announce 5 winners instead of 3. Apart from that, 2 special teams were off the charts; one being the most inspiring team (Team Caffe) the other being the most tech savvy (Team Scrollbie).

“I was skeptical at first we had so many other things to work on, but seeing your ideas I understood and was impressed with your creativity.” - Yasir Azman (CMO, Grameenphone).

Winning teams were; Team Reboot, Team Unequal Soldiers, Team Triforce, Team Bhutum Pecha and Team Shadowlit, proud owners of BDT 5 million Launch Booster along with 300,000 BDT prize money per team from White-Board and GP for their career development. The ICT division will be delivering further training and launch support to the winners as well as all those who pitched in their ideas in the gaming industry.

“If you have the passion, just do it. Whether it’s Game Jam or Global Game Jams, you will make it happen and this is exactly what we learned!” - Ashiqur Rahman Rean (Head of Digital Services, GP).

The purpose of this competition was to find out the ultimate mobile game of the country by interested developers with incredible IT background in the IT field. Therefore, it was executed solely by Bangladesh for Bangladesh. In the note of an amazing experience on the journey of Game Jam 2017.

“To the youths; dream of an advanced Bangladesh through your merit, I ensure with your capability you will rise up!” - Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad (Professor, Computer Science & Engineering Dept, BUET).


Game Jam 2017
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 17th May 2017

Congratulations to all the winners of Game Jam 2017.

Team Name Game Name
Team Reboot Infected
Team Triforce Shobdo
Unequal Soldiers Sketch Journey
Bhutum Pecha Goli Cricket
Shadowlit Nokshi



Future Business Trends, Tips and Tricks
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 19th January 2017

Change is inevitable. Be it business, technology or society – everything is progressing at a rapid pace. Thus a successful company does not just concentrate on its current trends but also its past and future trends. Keeping track of future trends is very crucial for a business to be prosperous. There is no absolute right or wrong way of predicting future business growth, but certain tips can help you make an accurate guess.

  1. Know your expenses: Before you can forecast future profits, you first need to know your current expense situation. Make sure you keep record of all the fixed expenses, variable expenses, revenue, gross margin, and interest rates. Any drastic changes in these figures will be able to tell you if you need to re-evaluate your predictions.

  2. Consider multiple scenarios: Your prediction results may not always turn out to be according to your business plan. In order to be successful in your business, you must always welcome changes. Besides changes, you must, at all times, have a contingency plan. If anything, trends are unpredictable. You will never know when a Plan B will come in handy!

  3. Think big but think carefully: If you want to achieve big results, you need to think big. Being ambitious leads to great achievements. Well, most of the time! However, a business owner must keep in mind that anything can happen in businesses. Therefore, you must also consider what may go wrong and plan accordingly.

  4. Take a look at consumer spending: Consumer spending tells a lot about where the economy is headed towards. There is a direct relationship between consumer spending and demand chain in the economy. Therefore, consumer spending can be a useful tool to predict future business trends.

Gaming App Revolution
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 9th January 2017

Globally, the gaming industry is growing beyond expectations. The revenue of the international video game industry was estimated at US $91.5 billion in 2015. Bangladesh also has a lot of potential in the field of gaming software development. There is huge scope and future possibilities for Bangladeshi developers and startups to flourish in the gaming industry.

To throw some light on the issue, Zamilur Rashid, Founder of Game Over Studio joined an interactive session on 1st December at White-Board. Our speaker is a game designer, marketer and entrepreneur who focus on casual games for iOS and tvOS.

He enlightened the guests with interesting details about the opportunities and know-hows of the gaming industry in Bangladesh. He discussed about the past achievements and how to overcome the obstacles that developers face while progressing in the industry. He also spoke about some of the successful games developed by Bangladeshi developers such as, Liberation 71 which was developed by a group of young developers called Team 71. Among other popular apps are Tap Tap Ants which got recognized worldwide, Rooftop Frenzy and Highway Chase.

The session was overall a quite interactive one and guests found the information delivered by the speaker very useful and interesting.

Becoming a Full Stack Developer
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 19th December 2016

The barrier of entering the web development industry as a web developer is still low, but it’s getting increasingly complex. Gone are the days when only one programming language or a very specific process was required from a developer. Nowadays, programmers must know a range of technologies across multiple platforms in order to do good work.

White-Board organized the "Becoming Full Stack Developer" Session by Mizanur Rahman on 14th December 2016 that allows developers to know both ends of digital products.So, let’s try to break down the tips and tricks to get you there – at the ultimate destination of being a full-stack developer.

Build on your new knowledge : Learning each part of a stack sets you up to learn new options in that stack. If you know one general-purpose language, you can learn a second quite easily. Your third and fourth languages will seem like pieces of cake. Knowing several general-purpose languages only makes it marginally easier to learn a database system; you've learned related skills like reading documentation and grokking error messages, but you don't have any of the core context needed to understand databases.

Knowing the foundations : Knowing the foundations means HTTP, the OSI layers, understand DNS, Point of Presence (POP : eg. cloudfront), keep updated on new protocols (SPDY, HTTP 2), on new standards and emergent ones. Know the impacts of them and their poly-fill. Understanding  about SASS & LESS and everything making tomorrow today. (Eg. TypeScript).Knowing when to do SPA (single page application) and when avoid it.

Taking a Course : Even if you’ve prepared properly, you’ll need to be ready to learn new things on demand.Basically, you need to be prepared to learn anything and everything that comes your way. To do this, consider taking up an online course.There are many organizations that offer them. The Odin Project is one good resource. Treehouse, Codecademy are other great resources as well.Steer clear from courses that are too expensive and promise to take you from zero to the top in a matter of hours!

The full-stack developer will have an increasingly important role in the web development of the future, especially when development methods such as DevOps are becoming an essential part of software development companies, where the line between code developers and administrators who are responsible for code deployment and setup is getting thinner each day.

If you want to work toward becoming a full-stack developer, you should acquire knowledge across the stack and become familiar with all of the points mentioned here. You must also develop your personal interaction and communication skills so that you can manage and work with front end and back end developers.

Developing Apps with Facebook API
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 6th December 2016

Facebook wants to reach everyone in the world who isn’t yet on the Internet. That’s why it’s building drones that can deliver Internet services to the developing world while gliding across the sky. That’s why, in 19 developing countries, it’s offering a smartphone app. Being a Facebook developer is one of the achievements which many people think is a standard job as working in such a big company that has been the buzz word ever since sure does gets you in the higher standards. To become app developer in Facebook also gives more responsibility to you like developing apps obviously and helping new developers to get around.

So today we’ll talk about Facebook API.

The Facebook API is a platform for building applications that are available to the members of the social network of Facebook. The API allows applications to use the social connections and profile information to make applications more involving, and to publish activities to the news feed and profile pages of Facebook, subject to individual users privacy settings. With the API, users can add social context to their applications by utilizing profile, friend, Page, group, photo, and event data. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are in JSON format.

Therefore, freelance Facebook API developers and programmers are a crucial group of professionals who can handle the Graph API and the many other variations available. These are the people to work with to create a flawless and functional application of any sort that will operate on the Facebook platform as well as across the Internet at large. These experts will have a basic knowledge of Java and how to use Eclipse or other popular integrated development environments. They may also know about the Android Software Development Kit and Android Development Tools plug-ins. By collaborating with an expert on Upwork, you can access a global talent pool to find the perfect person to create the Facebook application your business wants or needs without needing to travel from your base of operations.

Facebook Dev C was hosted at White-Board an initiative of Grameenphone. White-Board is an eco-system enabler, where the digital explorers meet, greet, collaborate and drive the eco-system! One of the very first kind Whiteboard is Grameenphone's center for digital transformation. White-board is the common ground to connect, engage and collaborate with like-minded talents, startups and tech community to drive the next big digital innovation for Bangladesh and beyond.

Well, you get the picture! Now don’t just look at this and pretend to understand it; go ahead and make the necessary changes!

Boost your Business with Digital Customer Care
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 30th October 2016

After decades of chasing around with witty ideas and catchy lines, the consumers have finally become impervious to conventional communication techniques. The relentless pursuit of higher sales and pivoting competition to wider market share has exhausted the consumers and now they are aware of every single marketing trick on the book. But as a business, how do we continue to navigate these uncharted waters? Well, today’s consumers are ALWAYS online and they tend to evaluate, analyze and ultimately decide to buy from the business willing to cater them before, during and after the purchase. Did you get the hint? Yup, it ultimately boils down to value addition and customer service that gets the deed done! So today we’ll talk about how you can apply these simple solutions on digital customer care to highlight your business from the rest!

1. Select the Channel/s - Come to think of it, selecting a good communication channel can be the deciding factor on how you can properly send your message to the consumers and in turn conveniently interact with them and cater to their queries and needs. Not going to many details, it probably won’t be wise to rely on all consumer feedbacks from your Twitter feed. Be bold and choose the most used channels of your TG, may it be Facebook or even Snapchat! Take the first step and rest assured that you’ll make mistakes, but list them down and these mistakes and insights will be much more impactful than spending hundreds on advertising.

2. Set achievable KPIs - Can you run through the highway blindfolded? Well no, which is why it’s wise to set achievable KPIs and goals to track your progress? The trick is to widen your circle little by little and in the end, you’ll be able to track down how much money you are spending and saving for every single conversation. This will also help you decide which one is an effective channel and whether or not to continue pursuing them.

3. Use data for reports for planning - One of the important things we continue to ignore is that in this day and age, for the first time ever, we have concrete data on the consumer usage and behavioral patterns. If you can properly utilize this data, then the next time a prospective consumer knocks you with a question, you’ll be able to provide them with the right answer at the right time. For a change, you will know exactly what to suggest a confused boyfriend looking for a last minute birthday gift for his significant other!

4. Get real with budgeting and forecasting - Sometimes it is just not worth the money or hassle to pursue a dead end. At times, it is wise to know when to proceed and when to give up; which is why it is so important to maintain and follow a specific budget. Check your data and see how much it costs per interaction and if it crosses your limits, then you must rethink your entire strategy accordingly. You must take account of your TG’s life in every conceivable way possible and plan out accordingly. If you already know that the upcoming Big Sale is going to get a lot of pricing queries, then better handle them with prefixed answers, which will save you precious minutes during the rush times.

5. Outsource if necessary - By now you are aware of how crucial it is to have a proper online customer care service, but if it isn’t cost effective, then consider the possibility of outsourcing your query management and online public relations. On one hand, you will get specialized professionals handling your communications, which will give you enough time to focus on your business and other aspects of the communication, but also it might save you a good amount of money, which you could redirect to much more urgent areas. So choose wisely!

Well, you get the picture! Now don’t just look at this and pretend to understand it; go ahead and make the necessary changes and hopefully you’ll be singling praises of this interesting communication mechanism pretty soon.

10 tips for any tech startups
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 18th October 2016

1. Run with 1 Singular goal - To succeed, a new business cannot risk running with different goals and must focus on a singular purpose, which would essentially help keep the attention focused on one target and in time, achieve it with conviction and perseverance.

2. Cut off dead weight - In order to succeed, one must be strong enough to take stern decisions and stick with it; even if it means firing off people or cutting off partnerships. A successful business will keep on pacing without anything tying it down.

3. Move towards a more defined flat fee structure - Don’t spend hours deciding on hourly rates or project fees! After a well-balanced internal review, balance out everything with clearly chalked out series of deliverables and charge a flat fee, optimizing your revenue.

4. Get paid up front - No matter what the situations are, it should be a core company policy to get paid up front and avoid defaulters infinitely. Don’t worry; if your product or service has the uniqueness you claim, then genuine clients will always follow through with it.

5. Steer clear of shady clients. It’s almost instinctive to funnel out shady clients, which might be the single most important decision you make. No matter how dire the situations are, never go with a questionable client, and if you can sense any dodgy behavior, talk it out with your team for a better solution to the problem.

6. Your product must fit the memo - No matter how impressive the graphics or features are, if your product is too big to lead or too bulky to move, then it is less likely to catch on and be successful. Any successful product must be lean enough to fit the user’s memo.

7. Don’t skim off on work space - A successful business must have a basic space to let the creative energy flow. It is scientifically proven that a camped space can severely hamper creativity, which is the oxygen for any business.

8. Work Management and Client Management should be treated separately - Whether the client or the task, both should be handled with importance, but never to be mixed together. Always take the initiative to serve both separately, otherwise work will become all jumbled up and the entire team would be unable to cater both at the same go.

9. Never underestimate experience - An experienced professional has already tested the waters to be in this business, so try to take as much out of his experience as possible. If you value experience, then it motivates them to strive further and also help the new lot with guidance and real-life ideas.

10. Steer away of relationships with coworkers - It’s true that the heart wants, what the hearts wants, but what if it doesn’t work? Never risk the business by dating your coworkers, it is a cardinal rule of the professional world, with enough stories of heartbreak and chaos to learn from. And even if you do decide to go ahead, think how it will impact your work!? 

Bangladesh catching up with The Tech Startup Revolution
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 16th October 2016

Dhaka - 10th October - With the advent of Internet becoming readily available for anyone and the economy paving way for entrepreneurs to showcase their talent, the tech startup revolution has already began in our own country. Tech startups have been strengthening their positions over the years with their pro-activeness and agility to perform under any given circumstances. With quick decision making policies and their ability to put forward disruptive technologies tech startups have it in them to make a mark globally. Waseem Alim, CEO and founder of resonated on the rise of tech startups and also provided valuable information on what can startups do to improve themselves and gain an edge to move further ahead.

White-Board hosted the ‘Tech Startup Revolution’ session to allow upcoming startups gain knowledge from the existing players in the market. The session provided key points for startups ranging from how much to charge for the service to ways how startups can nurture creativity in its own workspace. It also warned startups to not just focus on the product, rather keeping an eye on the consumers as well who will eventually be using the product. The speaker also mentioned how startups must make stern decisions if required as dead weight might hinder the progress of the startup itself. Overall, the session provided a holistic approach to things that startups face every day and how to tackle them accordingly.

White-Board is an eco-system enabler, where the digital explorers meet, greet, collaborate and drive the eco-system! One of the very first kind White-Board is Grameenphone’s center for digital transformation. It allows startups to find and exchange views with like minded people so that everyone gets to share and grow their knowledge simultaneously.

An interactive Big Data Analytics session @ White-Board
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 5th October 2016

Dhaka - 3rd October - In this modern day and age, the lack of data is not the problem, rather surfing through massive amount of unstructured data or "Big Data" is the main issue. Bijon Islam, Director of LightCastle Partners conducted the session to elaborate on how to use "Big Data" to gain competitive advantage.

The event kicked off with an elaboration of data, analytics and intelligence, followed by an in-depth introduction to unstructured or Big Data. After the initial introduction, the speaker dug deep with the techniques of leveraging unstructured data to gain competitive advantage in the industry and went on to discuss issues like "cheat book" and "Analytics tools" to measure and strategize the business's overall success. Entrepreneurs, corporates, freelancers, students, product managers from different industries attended the session. All the participants registered for the session through

The event was hosted at White-Board an initiative of Grameenphone. White-Board is an eco-system enabler, where the digital explorers meet, greet, collaborate and drive the eco-system! One of the very first kind Whiteboard is Grameenphone's center for digital transformation. White-board is the common ground to connect, engage and collaborate with like-minded talents, startups and tech community to drive the next big digital innovation for Bangladesh and beyond.

White-Board - The eco-system enabler
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 29th August 2016

“Grameenphone brings in eco-system enabler Whiteboard where the digital explorers meet, greet, collaborate and drive the eco-system!”

One of the very first kind Whiteboard is Grameenphone’s centre for digital transformation. Whiteboard is the common ground to connect, engage and collaborate with like- minded talents, startups and tech community to drive the next big digital innovation for Bangladesh and beyond.

Whiteboard is where the digital explorers meet, greet, collaborate and drive the eco-system!

Founder, startup, investor and corporate; Whiteboard intents to bring all the tech hustlers under one roof and let them do the magic. It enables the power to sketch the next big paradigm shift, the next big digital innovation.

This is Grameenphone’s way of creating a story around you and the digital universe. Have a brief stopover and you will not regret with all the activities buzzing in the air.

Future Business Trends Tips and Tricks
Last Modified: 21st September 2018
Published: 27th August 2016

Change is inevitable. Be it business, technology or society – everything is progressing at a rapid pace. Thus a successful company does not just concentrate on its current trends but also its past and future trends. Keeping track of future trends is very crucial for a business to be prosperous. There is no absolute right or wrong way of predicting future business growth, but certain tips can help you make an accurate guess.